Bear Proofing Your Tahoe Property


Bear Proofing Your Property

  1. A bear-proof garbage container can solve most trash-related issues. Information on where to purchase approved bear-proof containers can be found at the Tahoe Council for Wild Bears website.

  2. Keep garbage cans clean and deodorize them with bleach or unscented ammonia.

  3. Don’t put trash out until collection. Do not leave trash, groceries or animal food in you vehicle.

  4. Do not feed wildlife.

  5. Feed pets inside.

  6. Block access to crawl spaces under decks and buildings. Keep doors and windows secure from intrusions.

  7. Don’t leave any scented products outside, including non-food items such as candles.

  8. When unoccupied, empty cabins of all food and scented products or keep them in a scent free, bear-proof container.
    *Information from U.S. Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

Sierra Sun Reports – While the calendar is turning to December and recent snowfall continues to blanket the Tahoe region, area wildlife officials warn that now is not the time to become lax on precautions intended to avoid bear-and-human interactions.

“Now is definitely not the time to let up on your guard,” said Chris Healy, public information officer for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. “It’s extremely important for people to know that bears are still out there and, in some case, still searching for food.”

Bears typically enter hibernation for winter between Thanksgiving and Christmas, meaning it is common to still see a bear up and about, although that might be less likely after this past weekend’s storm, according to Healy. ~ Click Here to read the full article

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