Bear Selfies May Cause Closure at Taylor Creek for Kokanee Salmon Span


State and Federal Officials are threatening to close Taylor Creek Visitor Center  this year to keep the public safe. The problem? Last Fall visitors were taking selfies with bears!

Taylor Creek is an amazing vantage point for visitors to see the Kokanee salmon run in October each year. It’s also an annual attraction for the Black Bears since salmon are a natural food source. The visitor center staff reports that they routinely encounter unsafe situations when guests ignore posted warnings and get close to bears to take photos and videos. Wildlife officials warn bears are unpredictable wild animals and may attack if they feel threatened.

If visitors continue to disregard directions to stay away from bears at Taylor Creek, the Forest Service may close the area for public safety.

*This information was gathered form the Sierrasun and USDA.
  Click Here for the full Sierrasun article.

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