Placer County-owned parcels to vote in favor of Kings Beach BAD

Placer County-owned parcels to vote in favor of Kings Beach BAD

Staff report

KINGS BEACH, Calif. — At least eight parcels out of the 294 within the proposed downtown Benefit Assessment District will be voting in favor of forming the district.

On Tuesday, the Placer County Board of Supervisors gave the county executive officer the authority to vote “yes” on eight county-owned parcels in being assessed in the proposed BAD, according to a county press release, which would pay for the maintenance of streetscape improvements associated with the $48-million Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project.

Assessments would be based on property zoning, the property’s state of development and whether it fronts streetscape improvements, meaning property owners will have different assessments, according to previous reports.

In November, the county mailed assessment ballots to the owners of the 294 parcels, all of whom have until next Tuesday to vote on the assessment. At that time, the county board will hold a public hearing, after which supervisors will consider the levying of assessments if there is no majority protest — more than 50 percent of weighted vote opposition — based on all ballots received.

Should the district be approved, levying of assessments would not begin until project improvements are functional and ready for maintenance, according to the county.

Funds collected by the assessment district would mostly go toward covering snow removal on sidewalks, and to a lesser extent: trash removal; power washing of sidewalks; reserve funds for damage, repair or replacement of improvements; and administration fees.

Another approval issued this week by supervisors regarding the three-lane project is an agreement between North Lake Tahoe Public Utility District and the Placer County Department of Public Works to relocate water and sewer lines, since some project improvements conflict with utility infrastructure. It’s estimated the relocations will cost $751,000, according to the county, which will perform the work and be reimbursed by the district through a cooperative agreement.

*The above information was gathered form the Sierra Sun Newspaper website. Click here for the full article.

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