Tahoe City's Fanny Bridge Fun Facts

 When my Family & I moved to Tahoe back in 1989 one of our favorite things to do was to go to Fanny Bridge and look at the giant trout. Fanny Bridge is one of the most popular attractions at Lake Tahoe.

Check out these fun facts:

1. Fanny Bridge was constructed in 1920 according to several different sources.

2. Legend has it that Fanny Bridge received it’s name from tourist backsides being on display as they bend over to view the enormous fish below in the beautiful blue/green waters.

3. Some of the fish that can be viewed from Fanny Bridge include Mackinaw, German Brown and Rainbow Trout.

4. Fanny Bridge spans the only outlet of Lake Tahoe into the Truckee River.

5. Fanny Bridge is being rebuilt or replaced to address long-term structurally deficiency and help resolve community concerns.

To find out more information on the proposed projects to rebuild or replace Fanny Bridge visit: FannyBridge.org

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