What Are Lake Tahoe BMP's?

People often call and ask me about Lake Tahoe BMP’s so I thought I would share some commonly asked questions and answers…

  1. What does BMP stand for? Best Management Practices
  2. Who is in charge of BMP’s? The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency commonly referred to as TRPA.
  3. Are BMP’s Required? Yes, according to the TRPA  all properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin are required to have BMP’s completed at this time.
  4. What is the ultimate goal for installing BMP’s? Improving Lake Tahoe’s water clarity.
  5. How do BMP’s help Lake Tahoe’s water clarity? They help prevent sediment and nutrients from entering our waters. 

Feel free to contact us for more information or  click here to access the TRPA’s guide to BMP’s.


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